1. Paddle Dryers

Paddle Dryers is utilized in varied industries to extract and obtain dry powder either from solutions or wet cake. Operational efficiency is high and the costs incurred are low with this dryer when compared to other dryers in the market. The mechanism, involves a closed system wherein hot water, steam, or hot fluid is used as a heating medium within the jacket, in the hollow paddle as well as in the hallow shaft. This paddle dryer includes vacuum pump, condenser, receiver and dust collection.

The wet feed is continuously agitated by the heated rotating blades, thus exposing new areas to heating surfaces. This results in the moisture boilingoff and rendering the wet material dry to the required degree.

Special Features of Paddle Dryer
     Suitable for processing entire range of feeds, except liquids
     Product, granular, powdery
     Very high evaporation capacity
     Very high thermal efficiency
     Partial drying possible
     Continuous operation
     Compact installation
Typical Applications
     Crystaline Solids
     Pasty Solids
     Agro Waste
     Magnesium Carbonate
     Polypropylene Beads
2. Rotocone Vacuum Dryer

Aries Engineers make Rotocone Vacuum Dryer are multipurpose drying unit that are extremely useful for uniform & low temperature drying of heat sensitive chemicals, pharmaceutical formulation, fine chemical etc. it has double conical vessels with rotating system and vacuum solvent recovery System. As the dryer is rotating, there is no charring or retention of product. The Result is that one can change the material to be dried without much ado. The Rotocone Vacuum Dryers rotates at very low speed (5 to 15 rpm) and thus has very low wear and tear and requires very little maintenance. This Machine ideal for crystalline products, granules used in chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries.

     GMP models for final pharma products
     Totally sealed and protected from contamination
     Quick loading & unloading
     Fast drying
     Energy Saving
     M.O.C. MS Grade, SS Grade & Haste alloy
     Choppers can be provided by us as per requirement
Product Range:
Model No:   Capacity (Litres)
  •   AE-RCVD
  •      200 / 500 / 1000 / 2000 / 3000 / 4000 / 5000 / 6000
Solutions for Industry
     Food Processing