ARIES ENGINEERS with excellent capabilities and incomparable match of making silos / Storage Vessels like design, manufacturing and installation of silos in different specifications and models. Such service includes: the design of complete process, basic design of silo, elevation, conveying, cleaning, drying, temperature and capacity measuring, fumigating, ventilation, and automatic controlling system. We can produce cone and flat bottom vertical silo with the diameter of 1.8m to 32m and the storage of 5 ton to 20000 ton for each. 

We can also provide auxiliary equipments with the capacity of 15 ton to 2000 ton per hour like bucket elevator, chain conveyor and belt conveyor in grain and storage industry as per pre design solution. Our silo is widely used in grain storage and processing factories, such as grain depot, flour mill, starch plant, oil factory, feed plant, alcohol plant, brewery, seed plant, port, farm, grain process center,etc . It is also available in chemical and building materials industry for storing plastic pellets, cement and coal, which appears to be ideal equipment for storing pellets and powder materials.

Chemical Storage vessels / Silos

Aries Engineers Silos/Tank extensively use for storing chemicals, petrochemicals, wood chips, adhesives, organic & inorganic material in granules, solids, powder and liquid as per storing material. 

Technical Specifications:
Technical Specifications:
  •      Aries Engineer’s --Silos is extensively used in industries such as petroleum,
            chemical industry, paint & printing ink, pharmacy, food etc to store liquids
            or powders.
  •     It generates two kinds: Horizontal and Vertically
  •     We provide various stainless steel storage tanks. If required, it can be jacketed
           for heating or cooling, pressurized or vacuum or with agitator etc
  •    We also have rich application experience in measurement and control
           of the materials in the Silos

Liquid Silos

Aries Engineers Liquid Steel Silos are precisely designed according to the world class standards & specifications for long term storage of wide-ranging liquids and oils and other materials such as chemical, lube oil, petrochemicals, hazards chemicals, etc. while maintaining their unobstructed quality. 

These silos are specifically designed for excellent protection and are made available as per customer's specific requirements. Our Silos are available with conical, flat, dished Bottom & Hopper Bottom to fit into client’s specific requirement. Moreover, the liquid remain protected with the unparalleled side surface enforced construction to well maintain the quality of liquid. 
Technical Specifications :
  •    Capacity : 5Ton to 100 Ton or as per customization
  •    MOC : M.S./S.S.-304, S.S.-316, Special Alloys, Galvanized Steel (GI), Aluminum, etc
  •    Allied Equipment's : Pumping units, Mixing Unit, Drying Unit, Automation Unit,
           Dosing Unit, Autoloader Unit, Fire Safety Protection, etc
Distinguished Characteristics:
  •   High Tensile Strength
  •   Designed to stand up to loads & strong winds
  •   Special Sturdy Cross Sectional Roof Structure
  •   Special Sturdy Cross Sectional Roof Structure
  •   Designed to adhere to seismic & soil conditions