Twin Shaft Disperser machine is Suitable for mixing of ointments, inks, sauces, pastes, foam, used in the Pharmaceutical,Food, Chemical and allied Industries. The mixing blades revolve in opposite direction to sweep the entire circumference of the vessel as well as rotate around its own axis. Intimate mixing is achieved in short intervals. The mixing elements are raised vertically by a electric or hydraulic lifting or lowering arrangement. The vessel can be removed and next batch can be kept ready for processing in these Twin Shaft Disperser. Mixing elements can be cleaned completely with vessel removed or by rotating the blades in the vessel loaded with solvent. A high speed emulsifier is provided in the centre of Twin Shaft Disperser machine for thorough mixing of the mass.
FEATURES :   Construction Material:
  •      Better service lives
  •      Robust construction
  •      Easy installation
  •      Safe operations
  •      Corrosion & abrasion resistant surface finish
  •     Stainless steel
  •     Mild steel